columbian press

Somebody offers me a Columbian press for sale. What would be a reasonable price? It’s in a good state.

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Where is the press and where are you? How large is the platen? Who is the manufacturer? What is the serial number? These factors all affect what the press is worth to you. If you’re in California and the press is in Australia, you could pay $5000 for it and another $5000 to have it crated and shipped to you. If it’s just down the road and you have strong friends and good rigging sense you could get a nice press. Columbians are desirable and expensive normally — $10,000 or more is not out of the question. The regular size ones probably weigh about 2000 lbs.

What kind of Columbian? Are you talking about a Columbian iron hand press or are you talking about a Curtis & Mitchell Columbian table top press which is similar to a Pilot press.

The press, a Columbian iron hand press built in Edinburgh, is in the UK, in a very accessible space, large doors etc. The bed measures at least 400 x 600 mm.

OK, the Columbian iron press is worth at least $10,000 (U.S.) as Ad Lib says. I paid more than that for mine several years ago. If it was me, I would not pass up the chance to own a Columbian.

Hi…our family has owned a columbian press for a few years now…i really think the price estimate of $10,000 us is very conservative.These are one hell of a collectors item and im sure if the right person wanted it you could get alot fmore for it.Actually i have no doubts.