What causes this when embossing?

See picture below…I am havein a problem embossing this image on 80# classic crest cover. I am using a 10x15 windmill, 1/4” die with fiberglass counter from Owosso, Heat at about 110 degrees, Impression is backed off as far as I can turn it.
I have run other stock and still get the same outcome.
Tried overlays of paper, & mylar on die and counter, no effect.

Any help would be great.

image: DSCN1989.JPG


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might be too much impression, on the windmill the counter is usually thinner than a kluge counter. good luck dick g. call owosso and talk to them, they might be able to suggest something.

That is “puckering” which will happen on corners. To get rid of it…put masking tape on the counter and build it up to “iron out” the crease. Dr. Scholls “mole skin” works nicely also. You will know if the tape/mole skin is too thick if you get shine showing on the front of the paper. Feel free to contact me if you need more help/explaination. I usually have my heat at 230 F.

I checked with Owosso and…
Joe Holden at Owosso said,
“It appears to be a combination of a few things possibly shoulders are to straight..if you could send the die back we will make you a new one.”

I will see if the problem goes away with the “new” die.

Thanks to all for input.

jfitz…. the guys at Owasso are very good, so I’d follow their advise. In my work, I try not to use sharp corners for much of anything…. Instead I radius them slightly, just to prevent such things.

The other thing you can do is to dampen the paper, IF it a paper that works well dampened, and you are using a slow press.

without knowing the actual size of this image ,wildmh2000 is correct. on the counter, you will want to apply anywhere from 1/8”-3/8” diameter rough circle of masking tape. you want to tear the tape into this rough circle by hand. do not cut with a scissors. this leaves a “feathered” edge on the tape, where as the blunt edge left by scissors would show up easily. apply this tape at the exact point, “off image” where the wrinkle starts. not up into the image area. this may take more than one layer. if so, you want to stagger the size of your tape and the end point, kind of a hap-hazard stack of pancakes. always starting however at the point the wrinkle begins.
the wrinkle happens when your stock does not sufficiently fill the the gap between die and counter, “off image”

Nice picture, Thanks!

As mentioned above, a thin tape on the counter die will solve. Start with thin tape, like cellophane (0.0035”) and cross it with another layer where the deformation is worse, only if necessary.

Be aware of an “ironing” effect - visible as shiny spots on the stock - as a result of placing tape on the counter.