Schwabe Die Cutter - Adjusting Stroke?

A Schwabe die cutter wandered into the shop today, and posed a question.

How do you adjust the stroke? Is it adjustable at all?

The machine is pretty old, similar to a Schwabe Model D, but all of the Model D’s I’ve found online have been hydraulic. This is belt driven.

There is a hand-wheel at the top, which raises and lowers the platen, but it doesn’t seem to adjust the distance the platen travels when engaged.

Can anyone tell me more about this monster?

Here’s a photo:

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If I remember correctly, the stroke on these “clicker” presses is not adjustable. You may however, adjust the point of the beginning of the stroke, thus adjusting how closely the head comes to the base at the bottom end of the stroke. This allows you to use various height dies on the press.