Newbie buying first press

Hi everyone!
I have been scanning the briarpress for a while now- in the hopes of finding a press to make my very own (cheesy but true).
I have had an offer to sell me a 6x9 press in amazing condition. It’s a long drive, but I’ll do it- if i know how much i should be looking at spending. I don’t think that ebay is an accurate show of what these presses are worth…. and I just don’t have the experience to ‘know’. So, I would appreciate any advice on what these are going for. I hesitate to give too much info on which press it is because I know that opinion varies and some background info on these is spotty. It seems to be one of the ‘better’ ones… I’ll say that. :)
Someone else had offered me a 3x5 (with 2 small cabinets of type) for 500$ and so this other one seems like a great deal and a more reasonable size… to sooth my conscience for a west coast to east coast drive- i have to ask!

Thanks so much for any help!!

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Price is quite variable. Kelsey presses go (or should) for less than Goldings and Sigwalts and both are less expensive than Hohner presses. C&P tabletops can set you back up to $1500. It also varies with how lucky you are. I found a 4x6 at an antique mall for $40. Didn’t have a chase or rollers, but turned out to be quite a rare press. Traded it for a working Golding Official 4x6. Last summer Lettterpress Things in Chicopee MA had a tabletop 8x12 Golding Map press for a very reasonable price (under $300) but it wasn’t very practical to drive it home to Michigan.

I’ve seen Sigwalt 6x9s go for over $900, about the same price range as a C&P 8x12 floor model with treadle. An C&P 10x15 can go for about $300-500.

Tabletop and small floor platen press values are artificially high because people getting into Letterpress often have more money than space. A 10x15 is a bargain for what it can do, but it’s not necessarily the best “first press” to get. It would be, however, an excellent press for the long term.

Ok, some of you may recognize this press… it’s on the site somewhere.
What do you think is reasonable? Original, in top shape and no welds…
If you want to just email me, feel free :)
Not a Kelsey, pre-kelsey I’m told…. 1934

Thank you very much for all the thoughts and ideas…

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