Blind Embossing question

I would like to blind emboss a few sentences onto a 14 X 16” paper. Any help as to getting started on this? Should I send it to a press to have this done, or should I do it myself with certain tools? I don’t know where to begin. Any help would be so appreciated.

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first off, do you have a press that will handle both your sheet size and image area. if so then the easiest thing would be to go to a print shop that can generate(typeset) your image into a “vector” file in actual size. this file then can be emailed to any die maker. owasso, metal magic, universal, etc. you will get back a copper or magnesium “etched” die with a counter. if you don’t have the press then the die alone won’t help much. you could drive over it with your car i this point, sending it out will probably return the best results. if needed i can do this for you. Good luck, Eric.

hi eric. thanks for the advise. i don’t have a press, so i am looking into how to do this professionally. could you assist me? if so, i’d love to know costs and turn around time, etc.

i do this for a living and would be glad to help you. i am in the milwaukee area. you can email me for further assistance. [email protected] please include an image with size for this project. put briar press in the subject line, it will not go to bulk mail then. good day!