Photographs reproduction permision

I have worked along my professional life in the printing business. At present, I am retired and I have been writing, during the last years a text book on printing.
The question is that I would like to include some Photographs of old presses in the book. I have asked for permision to reproduce some photograph from the website of the Briar Press Museum. The problem is that they can not give me the permission because they have are not the owner of the presses. They suggested me to joint this discussion forum.

I am including the following relationship of the captions attached to the photographs in the website, which I will like to employ:

Adana Eight-five
Chandler & Price New Series
Copy Press 10
Gutenberg Reproduction
Heidelberg Windmill
Hohner Model D
Monumental No.1
Pearl Old Style No.1
Victor 2x3

In fact, photographs of other presses corresponding to the same time of those included above, suit me as well.
If someone can tell me how get these photographs (with the correponding reproduction permissions or how to get them) it would be very usefull for me .
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