Is it the economy, or-?

Having posted my dear 8x10 C&P on Briar Press in November, I was pleased to get lots of response. I thought the price was right, and exchanged mails with lots of people.

One by one, even without seeing the press, they dropped out. I am feeling baffled. Was it really the economy, or other things?

Of potential buyers, only one said the price became an issue after the stock market’s decline. Others had to move, or couldn’t make it to inspect, or, well, _something_.

Good thing I’m in no hurry to sell this press! I’m still enjoying using it and will until it finds its new home. I’m just trying to figure out if my ad was way off-base. I’d appreciate any feedback on the issue. The ad is still here if anyone would like to check it.

Thanks for any input you may have!


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