perforating and scoring question

I am going to be running a job that requires a perforation. the paper is 110# cranes. right where the perforation is, i would also like a fold. Is it necessary to score first then perforate (or vice versa) or can i simply perf. the card and fold there as well? Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

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If the perf runs edge-to-edge where it is also going to fold, you should be able to easily fold on the perf. One caution is to not perf it so heavily that it begins to crack, tear or release during the folding process. You will have to experiment a little with this. If done well, the perf will actually allow the fold to lay very flat.

thanks foolfproof!

How does everybody do perforation? In-house or send it out? I don’t usually do perforations so where should I look for sending this service out?

Also, how about scoring? Scoring 100 cards by hand is no joke. How do you do it usually?



Are you scoring or creasing? You can get creasing matrix and 2pt rule to lock up in your press to facilitate this work. Perf rule can also be purchased and locked into the chase. You can find all of this at


I guess I don’t know what the difference is between creasing and scoring. Excuse my ignorance. The final intention is folding.

I just saw there’s a bigger post on scoring, perforating, etc. I will check that and NA Graph. Sorry for the repeated question.

Thanks Brad!

in my experiance, scoring and creasing are quite similar, with the difference being not in the die but the counter. you can simply crease a sheet against a flat hard surface, but, the act of scoring requires some sort of counter into which you actually deboss the crease into the counter creating the score. uncoated stock can handle a crease much easier than a coated, requiring a score. a crease will help determine a fold point, while a score will pre-stretch fiber to allow a coating to not crack.
perfing is done with the use of an “intermintent” cutting rule. these are measured not only by rule height but, length of the single cut by the gap in between each individual cut.

A crease requires a female counter to prevent cracking it creates a bead on the inside of the fold so the outside does not have to stretch. A score is basically one of 2 types a crease rule that hits the paper to assist the fold or a cut rule that only cuts part way through to assist the fold. The cut score can be seen on many greeting cards or folding cartons when fold is near a die cut window and is the easiest way to go if the press is good enough.Erika try using perf rule and do a cut score with it you may have to adjust impression to get it right.

I need to add that a score using crease rule should strike the inside of the fold .A crease with a counter or matrix should strike the outside the fold same as a cut score

Crease and score. Attached are pics of matrix positioned on a die and matrix on heid.cyl for creasing and card stock to counter a score as the rule hits the outside of the sheet.

image: matrix for crease card for score.JPG

matrix for crease card for score.JPG

image: matrix on die.JPG

matrix on die.JPG