Charbonnel ink / light fastness

Hello All
I have always been very pleased with Charbonnel ink, and use it whenever I can.

I have a poetry broadside to produce where the customer has asked for red ink, but this item must stand the test of time, and red ink usually doesn’t. Does anyone have any experience with the light fastness of Charbonnel red? Is there another company that produces a light fast red?

And while I’m on the subject, does anyone know where I can get a Charbonnel color chart? I’ve been unsuccessful in trying to obtain one.

Waldwick Printing Co.

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Bill- We use a LOT of Charbonell Ink in our shop…. they do have a few reds that are lightfast. Be aware though that their Madder Lake, or Lake Reds in general are not lightfast. Their Chrome colors are much better in that regard. If you look at the labels, they list the pigment such as “PB 47” or “PR 71” or whatever. You can look these up online to find their true lightfastness.

If you don’t mind waiting until tomorrow, I’ll look up the Charbonell Reds in my color pigment lightfastness book and let you know which work best.

Pearl Art Supplies carries Charbonnell, so they should be able to send you a chart. Even if they don’t list it online, call their stores… they are generally good folks for small quantities.

the above link is to a Charbonnell Ink chart on Neil’s Art Store, and pic of the same chart is attached. This is the same chart that we use in our shop.

The Red that has worked the best as far as lightfastness goes in our work is Cardinal Red, followed closely by Ruby Red and Vermillion. The worst is Madder Lake. It fades rather quickly.

According to my pigment book, PR112 rates a 98 and PR 188 is 90….. which is very good. PR 83 (Madder Lake) rates a 15…. which is not so good.

I hope this is helpful.

image: charb_etch_inks.jpg


Thanks WC. You have been very helpful.

Charbonnel makes my life a lot easier. Its like printing ink the way it used to be.

You are welcome.

I agree- I’ve found Charbonnell to be the best overall ink available and use it for all of my important work.