Books covering Albion press?


We’ve just taken delivery of a beautiful Albion press. Although my wife has printed using a table top Albion, I’m fairly new to it. I’ve got a copy of Richard Gabriel Rummonds’ Iron Handpress book, but wondered if there were any slightly more basic books (or online resources) covering basic packing, using a frisket etc.?

Any recommendations appreciated.



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This blog kept by Andy English will be very useful. See the page on covering the tympan.

The Rummonds book is excellent, as is the one pictured below by Lewis Allen. You can find it used on

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

image: 3110074996_f2cf9463be.jpg


Simon…. you are in for a real treat. I can’t explain it in technical details, but there is a special pleasure derived from printing on a hand-press such as an Albion. It’s slower than on a flywheel or lever platen press, but it more than makes up for slowness in the amount of control you have in inking.