Large galley wanted

I am looking for a 12x18 galley for the bed of my Poco #0 proof press, which is finally back in working order. I have a galley that’s 8-1/2x23, but a wider and shorter one would be desirable — the bed is 12-1/2x18-1/2. If you have one to spare, or can suggest a source, I’d be grateful. I have several long narrower (6x23) galleys I could trade. Alternatively I could use a bed plate, but I’d rather have a galley if I can find one.

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I think I’ve got a few more than I need.

I’m a new Poco #0 owner and I’m greedy for information. So why do you want a galley instead of just building up the bed with a plate? I’ve managed to print one project involving a linoleum block and some type without using a galley or bed. I had to build up the linoleum with pressboard under just that piece. I locked up against the sides and put two bolts with nuts at each end of the bed against which I could put furniture. I chose to add more padding to the cylinder and it seemed to work.

What is your experience? What did you have to do to get yours in working order? Mine wouldn’t crank at all until we got some grease on the gear track. One of my roller bearings under the bed is a little stiff. Were the stops for the bed still in place on your Poco? I love this press and I think it has great possibilities. I posted some photos on a query I posted recently under troubleshooting the press section.

I posted one of the responses to your earlier query, after digging my Poco out of the weeds and freeing it up. Mine still has the stop pins. I got it about 40 years ago, and now I think, aside from deteriorating paint, it’s in as good working condition as then. I found some tympan I had gotten for a long-gone Vandercook SP-15 and cut it to fit the Poco. Did you try the suggestion for installing the tympan? It is exactly what I did and worked just as I remembered it had.

The bed support rollers were stiff — I oiled them liberally and spun them by hand and by running the bed back and forth, until they turned freely. Be sure the bearers on the cylinder and bed are clean, though — a bit of buildup on either place on either side will cause it to feel like the rollers are dragging.

My reason for wanting a galley is that I sometimes want to proof a locked-up form and sometimes a galley or stick full of type, and picking the bed plate out of the bed is less easy than simply lifting the galley out. Plus I suspect that a sheet of the appropriately thick metal for a bed plate would have cost about the same as a galley.

You want to be careful about over-packing the cylinder. Because the press has no grippers any difference in diameter between the bearers and the tympan can cause the paper to slide across the form on impression and slur the ink. It’s best to pack for a type-high form on a galley or proper bed plate.

I have used my Poco for many fun projects — leaf printing, multiple colors in one impression, etc. I plan to rig up a tympan and frisket for it so editions can be printed on it, as Neil Giroux did. The Poco is a fine little press. Enjoy yours!

Hi AdLib,
I just bought a sheet of metal the size of the Poco bed and the thickness of a galley tray and it was surprisingly cheap. Six dollars and change. I got it at Metal Supermarket which someone had suggested to me. They cut it right then and there!

Hi, I have a galley rack for sale 4 columns 100 galleys approx. 13x17 ea. If interested call @ 516-437-6050 Thank you.

HI again, Correction, I just sent you a comment &I left you the wrong # for the galley rack. It’s 516-437-5808 Thank you.