Printing with a Craftsmen Press?

I may be able to purchase a Craftsmen 61/2 x10 press and wondering if anyone could share their experiences with this kind of press. I’ve heard that there is really no difference between a Craftsmen and a C&P, this true? thanks!

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Craftsmen made two different knock-offs of the C&P Pilot, one cast iron and one aluminum. The aluminum one has lots of problems especially the roller arms. These parts wear quickly. The cast Iron one is not as heavy as a C&P, but usually works fine.

I’ve got both a C&P Pilot, and a cast iron Craftsmen….. and functionally there is little difference between the two. Both of them are smooth, sturdy and put down a great image. One advantage of the Craftsmen is that the company is still in operation, and parts are available if you happen to break something.

it’ll be quite an investment to puchase the press so I thank you, both, for the information!

I have a Craftsmen Superior, and love it. Smooth as silk.

I also have a Superior, it works great. It is made of aluminum with very little wear on the roller arms I have done a few repairs to the ink disc and also have replaced the rollers and trucks. I use both metal type and photopolymer plates. A great first press.

thanks boundstaffpress and Michael - attached is a photo of the Craftsmen, though I can’t tell if it’s a Superior or not. any guesses?

image: DSC05227.jpg


It looks like a Superior, mine is turquoise and aluminum but it has the same appearance. This one looks really good, any other photos.

If it is 6.5 x 10 it is a Superior. Some were marked Pilot by Craftsmen. They were still the same as the Superiors is every other way.

Thanks All! I have purchased the press and it runs really smoothly. I did a test run with it and am pretty damned pleased.

Only trouble now is getting around the feedboard. It’s kind of in the way.

The paper grippers too, are a bit tricky as I have to use an allan key to unscrew and loosen them to be able to move them aside so as not to hit my Boxcar base.