Line Block Plates


I am wondering if anybody here knows of any manufacturers that still produce line block plates from drawings. I havent been able to find anything about this on the site, or on the internet in general.
Any help that could be given would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou in advance,


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In the US, Owosso Graphic Arts is the place I use.

Great people to work with.

i have used metal magic in chicago. they can work from black and white PDF files. need to be 100% size.

Thanks very much for the helpful replies… i forgot to mention that i’m based in the UK but i will check with these places to see if they take international orders. How long does it usually take to have them made?

Here is a web page you may be interested in:

From the site:

Blocks and plates

Peacock for photopolymer blocks (phone 01442 872956)
(SAE to Peacock, 6 William St, Berkhamstead, Herts HP4 2EL)

The Block Shop for blocks (phone 0161 273 5562)
(SAE to The Block Shop, 2 Heyrod St, Ancoats, Manchester M1 2WW)

Image in Print for blocks (phone 01508 571398)
(SAE to Image in Print, 2 Nightingale Close, Mulbarton, Norwich, Norfolk NR14 8BB)

Alpha Engraving Co. for blocks (phone 020 8368 1674)
(SAE to Alpha Engraving Co, Unit F1 Southway, Bounds Green Industrial Estate, Bounds Green Road, London N11 2UL)

Ted Sparrow for photopolymer plates (phone 01752 253770)

Owosso fills my orders in one or two days, but then I live only 30 miles away. Even so, it is still fast service.