uneven tension on the rollers

i just bought my first press (yay!), a craftsman table top model, like a pilot. i am having trouble with some uneven tension on the spring-loaded thingies that hold the rollers in place (perhaps i need a vocab lesson also?). the SLT on the right is much tighter than the SLT on the left. the right side rides up onto the disk while the left side sags a bit. with more movement, the rollers eventually come off the track and even end up popping right out of place. if anyone has an insight, i would be so grateful!
thank you!!

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Here’s a suggestion: remove the rollers and be sure the “spring-loaded thingies” (roller hooks) are both moving freely and have similar spring tension. If one is binding it will give the effect you’re seeing, but if the spring is broken on one side that will do the same thing. If both are free and the springs are about equal, there should not be the problem you’ve described.

And congratulations on getting the Craftsman — they’re very nice presses and can do fine work.

i took another look at it tonight, sans rollers, and it looks like i might have two problems: the right roller hook spring seems to bind or lock up, with not much give at all—it was hard to even get the roller positioned in the hook. the spring on the left side moves quite freely, but in addition to this the entire arm seems loose and just sort of hangs there—the mechanism (again i am at a loss for real terminology) that causes the disc to turn also does not fully engage. i am wondering if the problems are connected.