Repairing a press

Is there any point in repairing a press? I mean I bought a C&P Pilot which I was wanting to restore. But I think that it must have been dropped. I was trying to pull the handle and couldn’t understand why I couldnt move it. Until I noticed that the press had split apart under where the platen sits in two places. So what is possible?

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Do you have photos of where the press is broken. From your description it sounds like a nasty break. Depending on what you paid it may be best to sell the press off for parts and look for another. Upload a photo to Flickr or here and we can give you more detailed advice.

Hope this helps.

Get us photos. I might have the part you need.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Thanks for your interest. I have attached a few pics that hopefully show the break. I also now see that it is a Craftsmen Press not a C&P as mentioned before. Interested in your thoughts!

image: break 3.JPG

break 3.JPG

image: break 2.JPG

break 2.JPG

image: break 1.JPG

break 1.JPG

When I got my big (8x12) C&P home I noticed that a crossbar support on the bottom of the platen was broken. I took the whole giant platen to my local machine shop (who serendipitously happened to specialize in cast iron) and they fixed it right up for $70. Cheaper than a whole new pilot, anyway…

image: fixed.jpg


image: crack.jpg


Thanks Gillyfish, There is a steelworks near where I live that have said that they also specialize in cast iron so I thought I may give it a go rather than pass it on to scarp metal merchants.