C&P 8x12 Oldstyle Shaft

We are looking for a C&P old style shaft. we recently got her out of storage and spun the fly wheel only to discover the gears weren’t turning.

if the price is reasonable hopefully we can do business. our other option is to repair the old one. any advice for us here?

thanks briar press community.


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Don’t have one, but can speak from experience that a shaft can be repaired by welding on some bar stock and having it turned down on a big lathe to the proper size. The one I had repaired (for a 12x18) was 1/2 inch short in diameter from lack of lubrication. The rest of the press was in fairly good shape.

Check to make sure both keys are in place, on the flywheel and the small gear on the other end. If either is missing that’s your problem. Easy fix!

Thanks for the information, we still have both ends of the shaft so I was wondering if that was a possibility to have them welded. good to know I’ll see if anyone around here can do that kind of work.

and yes we have both the fly wheel and the gear keys the rest of the press is in pretty good shape.

thanks for the information.


The one I had repaired was complete. That is the shaft was not in two pieces. Just worn down to an extreme degree. I suppose the same technique might be used in a broken shaft by first grinding down a length of the shaft on either side of the break, welding the broken pieces back together and then welding bar stock all around the ground down shaft and then turning the shaft down back to size.

That’s a different kettle of fish, though, than the problem I had, so I’d treat it like an experiment. If it works great. If not, you still might have to find a shaft from a parts machine.

Of course a new straight shaft should be very straightforward if you have no intention of ever using a treadle. It would be just a straight round shaft of the proper diameter and two keyways ground in for the flywheel and pinion gear keys.