freight booboo

Our 25 inch Challenge Advance Cutter fell over on its way here.

image: L1050508sm.jpg


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That’s too bad. I think I have that same guillotine. Maybe you can repair it.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Thanks Daniel. Blade mount is 40 3/4” in length, holds a 30” blade. Serial B 10041. Weighs 35 lbs. We were hoping to find a match closer to home. We are in western Canada.
Handle broke as well, and a few things under the bed, we might just weld those to keep shipping down. Lets see.

image: L100609.jpg


Sorry, but it sounds like you should be in the market for a cutter! You got a pretty cool badge out of it though…


Think you are right Dan.


check into “metal stitching”part alignment after the repair is much better than welding, and for cast, it seems just as strong.