Hi-speed challenge quoins

Here in the UK i have plenty of 2 inch quoins but for a while i’ve been coveting some of the longer quoins you have in the US - i’ve seen them on flickr and they look to be about 5-6 inches in length. They look like they would be perfect for some larger formes i’m attempting. Can anyone tell me what they are called and a possible supplier?

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high speed challenge? just a guess, but a pic of what you covet would work better.

Okay - here’s a link to the type of quoin I covet… these seem longer than the 5-6 inches I’ve seen elsewhere but even 8 inches (?) would be useful…



Those are Hi-Speed quoins made by the Challenge Mfg. Co. here is the U.S. They come in a variety of lengths. I have a selection ranging from 3” to 12” long in my shop. They also require a special key to lock/unlock them.

They are very desirable and considered to be the best quoins by most letterpress printers. They are not cheap, but at least you now know exactly what to look and ask for.

Thanks for that - now I need to track some down plus a key - any suggestions welcome.

NA graphics is where I got mine. http://nagraph.com

I have some that I would part with and an extra key. Send me sizes you want and I’ll give you a good price.