Left handed type setters.

I was asked to show someone how to set type. After I did this he told me he was left handed and wanted to know if there was a way to do it for him? I’m at a loss. Anyone out there have advice or experence along this lone? Is there such a thing as a left handed composing stick? Howard H

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I’m a lefty and have set a great deal of type over the years. My advice for him- deal with it! I bet he can operate a pair of normal scissors already. It’s not that bad.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

I’m a lefty and I just do it the normal way too. It doesn’t bother me.
My first letterpress class teacher was also a lefty and she told us that there was no left handed way. Although, I do remember someone talking about a left handed composing stick - not sure if it was here or LetPress…or if it ended up being some kind of joke a la type lice.
Aren’t all of us left-handed people just kind of used to this adapting?

I think that the left-handed stick was some kind of joke in the composing room. When I started, I was asked to go to one of our suppliers (a photo-engraver) and ask for a tin of screen dots! I’m left handed myself and have been composing for 40 years with the stick in my left hand and I pick the characters up with my right hand.

i am a lefty too. some how i have stayed alive. the only thing i do right handed is wash my left hand.

Thankyou all for your feedback. I knew I would get great advice from the people on this site. Howard H

I’ve seen a home made left handed composing stick on some flicker page before, but that’s about it.

I’ve taught a handful (no pun intended) of lefties, and I never thought about trying to do it differently. I’ve taught all students, lefties and righties, the same method and haven’t run across any difficulties. They learn just fine.

God made some of us perfect, the rest he made right-handed. i have been setting hand type and ludlow for 48 years and never thought about it until recently. i was setting some lines for another letterpress printer that i have known for years when he said to me how can you set type right handed, your a lefty? Now i must search for a leftty ludlow stick

If you are setting your text from the bottom line, you might covet a reversed composing stick, whether you are right or left handed. I would expect that method to have no great advantage except with a foil stamper that doesn’t employ a chase as such. The longest or most difficult line of a title or personalization may be the last line.