Hohner press, how do the tables go?

I have a Hohner with the auto eject option and for the life of me I’m just not sure how the tables are supposed to be or how they work with the auto eject. There’s three table and one is attached to the platen so it moves with it when it closes, usually smashing into one of the other tables if they’re in the wrong position. I’ve attached a photo of how I have them now.

I’ve also taken some video of the auto eject in operation.

image: SSPX0264.jpg


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The manual doesn’t have much to say about this, but I have attached an image of the section. See the press manuals section of Boxcarpress.com for the rest of the manual. It looks like your press is the HOBO-IV model.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

image: hohner.jpg

The delivery “box” should be turned so that the sides stop the ejected sheets from falling on the floor. Turn it ninety degrees clockwise. That middle board should be turned over, you have it upside down, and positioned so that it’s over the delivery box. It is supposed to prevent sheets from flying up over the sides of the delivery box.

Thanks guys. I’d of sworn I checked boxcar for the manual. Maybe I passed over it because it says “Hobo” and the plate on mine just has B for the model. I wonder what the bigger size one shown in the museum says or was called.

I’ve attached photos after changing the boards around like you said John. What do you think? Doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of adjustment this way though. There’s a very small bit of movement you can make before they start hitting each other.

Now, how do I get the arm to move with enough “snap” to actually shoot the sheet off the platen and into the feed box?

image: SSPX0277.jpg


image: SSPX0276.jpg