Is Brass rule still being manufactured?

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Yes. Available from Caslon in England ( It’s quite expensive, a 26 inch piece of 18 pt rule was quoted at about $50 plus shipping. It was cheaper to have a machine shop here make one.

Brass rule in many heights and thickness are available from steel rule die suppliers. They are used to make heat seal dies for vinyl products. .890” to .950 and 2pt up also stitch pattern cut/seal(crease) etc. Also check with steel rule diemakers who do heat seal dies they often have milling or surface grinding machines to adjust the height.

My specific answer to your question about the manufacture is that I do not know.
If you are asking where can one get some standard type high brass rule of the kind used to print the old ruled forms, I do know. I happen to have a bunch of it.


I have looked into this fairly extensively. Ginko is correct but there is a Canadian distributor for Caslon and ordering through them will reduce the shipping costs, if they are willing.

Despite what Mike says there is no US outlet for type high brass rule. You will eventually end up with Caslon and no US distributor wants to waste their time with this.

Over the last several years I have obtained this material from Caslon though various means. All of which were a pain in the ass.

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Brass Rule Canadian supplier fo heat seal or rf dies.

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Is there anyone who can make these Ink Balls. I am handicapped and unable to make them myself.

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Yes brass Rule is being made in the U.S.A. Some profiles are stocked and most are available custom. 0.975” is our stock size for many profiles.

Further note on this. Caslon is no longer supplying brass rule. New source is Stephenson & Blake (UK).