I would like to begin my type library. What are the requirements for a full type set? Know of a good site to buy type for and Adana 8 x 5? What else is needed along with the type blocks? Any tips would help me sort out this never ending mess I get myself into searching the web!

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to letterpress!Email and I will send you all you need to know about buiyingh new types, and what is needed for starting to print on your Adana. No obligation.


You don’t mention where you are located — that will make a huge difference in, for example, shipping cost. If in Europe, there are a few options, in the USA a few more. A few years ago there were still type foundries operating in India with a great selection of faces — don’t know if they’re still there. New type can cost as much as $10-15 per lb or a lot more depending on the design and source, whereas you can sometimes buy good used type for $1-2 per lb.

As to choices of type faces, you could look at a type specimen book for an idea of what designs appeal to you. Don’t count on being able to find metal type to match most computer fonts.


Thanks Bob.. I am in Los Angeles, California.

Get on over to the International Printing Museum in Carson (http://www.printmuseum.org/ ) and talk to the folks there, They have in the past sold off excess type and equipment.