14.5 x 22 C&P: Manual, parts list, etc.

I’ve recently had a 14.5 x 22 C&P fall in my lap and will be working, this fall, with my students to restore the rusty old beast. I’m wondering if anyone out there might be able to point me in the direction of any support materials on this model (manual, parts list, schematic diagrams, etc.). Anything at all would be very helpful. Thanks in advance…

Jason Dewinetz
Greenboathouse Press

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I don’t think the chandler and price’s ever came with a users guide or manual. When they were commercially in use printers got their training from more experienced printers or classes through trade unions. However, there is an oil chart with photographs and a parts list with illustrations on this website.

you might want to read the adana printing made easy manual.

it is all here:


Thanks for the link; I’d had a look there and grabbed a few PDFs that will be helpful, but I’m not having much luck finding a schematic for this beast. I’m hoping that someone out there might be running one of these big 14.5x22 models, so that I can ask a few questions about parts, etc.

Thanks, though, for your response…


You mention a schematic - are you after one for a speed control (you do mean electrical by that, right). Also what model/serial is your press?.

I have a schematic for a Kimble controller I’d be happy to share. Take a look at the following discussion, I’ve got a picture of the unit itself (on the wall). You can contact me through my profile if its what you’re after.



Hi Jason,

By schematic I just meant a detailed anatomy/parts-diagram of the model. One of my first issues is that while the press appears to have come with a breaking treadle, it doesn’t have an actual running treadle (that is, to keep the press moving). I’m not sure if, because this thing is such a beast, it simply didn’t have a running treadle, but was meant to run with a motor.

In any case, I’d love to see any info you have on your controller, as once I have this thing cleaned up and ready to run, I’ll need an electric motor to keep the flywheel turning.

For the record, the press is a 14.5 x 22 Craftsman, serial #K617 (1941-50).

image: DSC03731-400.jpg


Jason, I think if you hunt around you should be able to find a parts diagram and parts list for something like a 10x15 or maybe even a 12x18 C&P, and I doubt yours is really any different, just bigger. As I understand it, 12x18 presses were (and are) usually considered “too big” to run with a treadle, and I rather doubt anybody really wants to treadle a 14.5x22! Since your press is relatively “modern” and has a flatbelt pulley it’s a pretty sure thing it was motorized. Is the main shaft straight or does it include a crank throw in the middle? If straight, there’s no way to run it from a treadle even if you could find (or make) a treadle.

BTW, I hope you mean it came with a brake pedal, not a breaking pedal…

Looks like you got your work cut out for you, but a great project none the less.

While I’m certainly no authority on a 14-1/2x22, I might mention that there’s a few things that make me suspicious on the date & model of your press…

Visually, from your photo a few things catch my eye - the side arms don’t say 1940-50’s C&P to me (for instance the press in the picture I linked above is a ‘36) their shape (more like a tie-rod) actually looks like a old-series press. In addition the frame of the machine is more ornamental and not the beefy one-piece frame I’ve typically seen on a Craftsman. Also the rails appear to be solid, whereas I know for that year range you mention, at least the two smaller Craftsmen (10x15 & 12x18) had replaceable/adjustable rails.

That made me go take a look at my serial list. Number wise, it suggests a 14-1/2x22 Craftsman serial would start with either XK, HK, HHK or SHK. While I do find that the starting serial in 1911 for an Old Series 14-1/2x22 was K586 & went up to K684 at the start of 1912.

As for that schematic, its pretty specific to that Kimble controller & might not do you much good unless that’s what you come up with to run your motor. I know Kimble setups were found on quite a few C&P and Kluges, which is why I kndia shot in the dark with that - email me if you think a copy will help you out & I’ll reply back with it.


Hey guys - I just found this


The picture from this site above (shown below) is apparently a 14-1/2x22 with a treadle (the website shows * next to the 14-1/2x22 size, marking that it’s the press shown).

Jason - this pic is a New Series Press, notice the differences between it and your photo above (and a Craftsman being even heavier built than what you see here). Like Dave said, really just a bigger version of what you typically see. Thought this might be helpful in confirming what you’re dealing with to start.

image: img107.jpg


Thanks for the continued feedback. I’ll try to address a few points specifically:

The main shaft does have a crank throw in the middle, but seeing as I don’t have a treadle for it, I’m eventually going to have to get a motor on it.

As for the model/serial, I was going on this page: http://www.apa-letterpress.com/T%20&%20P%20ARTICLES/Press%20&%20Presswor...

My guess was based on the fact that the serial on the bed has only three numbers (K617). Would you be willing to share your serial list with me?

I made a very, very humble start last night in dismantling the counter, cleaning it up and putting it back together. A drop in the bucket, but a nice way to start to get a sense of accomplishment right away.

image: serial.jpg


Sure - I should have mentioned that. I just posted a link the other day of where I found a PDF of a nice serial list (seemingly official - from C&P). Follow the link from this post:


This Flickr post from BoundStaffPress should help: