Need a gripper bar mount for platen press!

I don’t know what you call this part, but there are 2 of them (one on each side of the grippers) used to mount the gripper sto the back of the platen. Each of these two parts is held on by two bolts. They are cast iron and one broke and I need to find a replacement.

Under annoying, frustrating, and ridiculous circumstances, I lost the broken part, so cannot just take it to a machine shop to be fixed or recreated. I might be able to bring in the piece from the other side, which is a mirror image of the broken one.

Does anyone have any other suggestions about finding replacement parts?

My press is a new-style 10”x15” C&P.

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I have spares that fit an 8x12 NS but don’t know if they are interchangable. perhaps someone out there may know.


Drawing of gripper bar mounts for C&P 10x15 New Style. You can use this to compare with Paulm’s spare parts, or take to a fabricator to manufacture a new one. The measurements were taken from my press. I suspect that the holes on the longer mount (flywheel side) might have been drilled crooked, considering the wear on my gripper bar. The hole that is 3/4 from the edge may need to be 5/8 from the edge. If you take this drawing to a fabricator to make one, take your gripper bar and the remaining mount so that accurate hole measurements can be taken.

image: GripperBarMount.jpg


i agree that hole that is 3/4 in from edge is suspect. use a mirror to see under platen, better yet, pull platen out and check the matching holes in the platen. the newer “ears” as they are called, have holes slightly oversize and elongated to allow for proper fit to gripper bar, eliminating the wear as stated in above post.
Note to sharecropper: very nice prints. you have the width of the cut-out, but not the depth, up on top of the “ear”.. very top left image or far left image. E

oops! the depth of the cutout is 3/16. I don’t know if the cutout has a purpose.

Upon further inspection, the holes in the mounting ear ARE offset (see previous post where I suspected that the holes were drilled crooked). I edited the illustration in that post to include the missing dimension. pointed out by ericm.

if i remember correctly, the cut is for clearance when using the gripper all the way to the end of its travel in the slot. the bolt area of the gripper is wide.

You guys are wonderful! Thanks so much for the info. I’ll take this and my remaining gripper bar to a machinist and see what he can do.