Roller Size for Adana HQ/QH??

I have an Adana HQ/QH that is complete but does not have any rollers, the spindle are in tact however!
Is there a cheap alternative I can purchase to fit the excisting spindles??


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Do you have the roller trucks? They are special on the HQ, being thin and having a flange to keep them on track. The cores are also special. I got a set of rollers made on my cores by Duro Roller Co. in California; I had them made the same size as the diameter of the inner flange of the trucks and they work great. The cost was about $150 including shipping.


Thanks Bob,

all truck and spindles are intact, I’m just asking as I’m selling it on Ebay and someone asked.
If I have everything there. Is there any other options that may work out cheaper??