How to Send/Ship a Sigwalt #5

Looking for suggestions on the best way to send a Sigwalt #5 from Colorado to Seattle?

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perhaps start here?

I recently sold a very nice Sigwalt #5, and decided to deliver it in person rather than ship it. On a #5, the arm that moves the ink disk is very fragile and sticks up in an awkward angle when the disk is removed. For the life of me I could not think of a way to keep that part safe…… so I didn’t risk it, and met the buyer half way.

I loaned mine out to a community theater that was putting on “You Can’t Take it With You” and I worried about the ink disk arm that Winking Cat refers to. I wound up cutting a hole in a rectangular block of styrofoam and taping that over the arm. It probably wouldn’t have protected it against any serious impacts, but it made me feel better. And the press was just fine when it came back.