Sources for Patterned Papers for Envelope Liners

Hello all - I have been searching for a source for bulk patterned paper to use and offer for envelope liners(which I would die cut myself). Most paper I find is geared toward the scrapbooking industry which allows me to purchase like 2 pieces of the same pattern but not like 50 which I would need if I am doing a larger job.

Any suggestions? I have been through our yellow pages here but am only finding letterpress printing paper - which I already have a supplier for.

Thanks in advance,

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Check out the Mod-Tone line from French Paper Co.

One possibility is for you to print whatever pattern you desire on the paper in whatever color your little heart desires.

Other than that, check out some of the companies which sell supplies for origami. Here is one:

I have seen some pretty nifty patterns produced in Japan for folding papers which might be almost the correct size for liners in envelopes. Most of these are single-sided, which is ideal for this application.

You can try I ordered about 20 sheets of the japanese yuzen patterned paper (19”x25”) from them to use as envelope liners, and they shipped quick! They are also quick to respond to emails about the order and what they have in stock.


Oh, and the pictures on the website don’t do the paper justice. The one I ordered (#04119. Red - Blossoms/clouds on chocolate) was so rich in color and velvety feeling, I think it was THE accent of the wedding invitation suite.

Thank you for all of the references - they are all great! I will have to make some decisions now!

Thank you!

try in SanFrancisco they have a very large selection and has a nice selection and weights

Here’s a good one:

my fave for high quality decorative paper with a great mix of styles, including letterpress:

There’s also Talas.