Marks/wear on KSB Cylinder Bearer


I am seeing wear that I do not remember on our KSB impression cylinder bearers. On both the O.S. and D.S. the marks are in the same place.

Any ideas on what is causing this? I do not see a corresponding mark on the bed cylinder bearers.

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Sorry, here is the photo.

image: photo-1.JPG


Isn’t that mark from the swing gripper assembly?

The mark you are seeing is from the swing arm plunger there should be a about 20 thou on each side when on impression
Not sure why there have just appeared maybe some has move
Run machine off impression you may hear a clicking when the swing arm comes to meet the cylinder
Then run the machine on impression If the clicking is still there you may need to reset the plungers otherwise this may put excessive pressure on the swing arm

Thanks. So the marks and clicking while off impression are normal?

When i first read this a question came to mind ,now i have to re think it , There is an adjustment for raising and lowering the the swing arm in relation to the cylinder , the swing arm of large S range cylinders have a bolt and lock nut at eacn side of the machines swing arm ,this is not a minder adjustment but one for the engineers to set the height of the whole assembly . Have you altered this at any time in the hope of feeding heavy stock??? I can think of no other reason for this problem occurring mainly because the stub that is creating the mark is pinned . If the operator wants to open the distance between the base of the swing arm and the surface of the feed table to create clearance for heavy material to reach the front lay there is a minders adjustment visible to the left and right ends of the swing arm when viewed from the rear of the press it has the legend heavy stock and an arrow showing which way to turn it with a pin wrench for thick or thin , this is the only way for a minder to make adjustment . Have you or the previous owner inadvertently altered the bolts that effectively the keeps the whole assembly in the correct height plane to the cylinder? Adjusting this pair of bolts wont help create ability outside of the machines design, in fact it would create more trouble in that raising the swing arm with these bolts can bring the plungers” Feet ” up too high and they may then interfere with the stock from the underside because they will then be too high in relation to the feed board !
unfortunately i dont have any paperwork or parts manual for a KS here so i cant use part numbers to point out what i mean but i will ask around for the loan of one if you dont get to sort the problem . Have you recently purchased this machine from a college by any chance ???
Whilst raising the arm up wont cause this to occur lowering incorrectly to the wrong spec will be problematic as you describe . If the bolts were adjusted for any reason i would expect it would be in the failed hope of more clearance , because sheets can be crushed in the gripper and swing arm area it may also be a failed attempt at overcoming a problem from a bashed feedboard that sits too low at the gripper end but that is not a proper fix either .

The majority of cylinders I see have some ware marks on the cylinder. However if these have just appeared and the clicking is loud I may suggest a engineer visit. Please do not adjust these nuts on swingarm yourself you can throw the swing arm plunger grippers out and stop them closing. K line swingarms are slightly different to S line swingarms. If in doubt get a quality engineer in. It’s always cheaper in long run
Feel free to contact us on [email protected] for detailed info

Just a little more info after having a think
On K line swing arms there is a 6mm bolt and a badge directing turning one way to run card and the other for paper. This is the only minder adjustment on swing arm a 10mm spanner adjusts this
S line cylinders have one of these either end of swing arm which is adjusted using the minders tommy bar ( chase locking tommy bar)
Adjusting the nuts and bolts on a K line swing arm will alter the gap the swing arm plunger opens but can also alter the plunger closing to a point where thin stock will not transfer to cylinder grippers.

Paul (letterpress services) I pointed out the difference between the minders adjustment and the engineers adjustment , also that the pins should be present int he part that has contacted the cylinder therefore this should not occur ,i agree that there should be no sudden appearance of such a mark but that the previous owners may have adjusted the bolts beneath the arm in the hope of feeding paving slabs.
As you will i am sure appreciate i cant hold all the answers in my poor over worked brain!! I have a mind buster for you to think on at some point but until i get around to dealing with it i am saving it for the time being ..