Windmill Parts

I’m poised to buy a windmill for VERY cheap, nevermind where from. According to the pictures I’ve seen it appears to be in decent condition, but the current possessor (who doesn’t print) says that it is in poor condition. The pictures indicate some superficial rust on a few parts, so it is not a total junk-heap.

Before I buy it and pay to move it I would like to be sure that I can get parts that I need without a magic wand.

Do any of you know of a parts supplier?

Also, how troublesome is it to replace parts on a windmill?

It appears that at least one of the grippers is absent, and that the impression throw-off lever is missing (I’ve only seen a few pictures, I plan to send someone out for some more advanced reconnaissance).

The press is located near where I live, but I am not near where I live, and the owner wants to get rid of it before I’ll be back. Are there any things that I should have my proxy check out before buying it? I’m planning to have him hand-spin the flywheel and try to engage the clutch briefly to see if it will move at all. Anything you would suggest?

Should I buy it and find it un-salvageable is there a place that will buy the parts that are in good condition or will I be stuck with a 2500lb paperweight?

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its sounds iffy to me. In my opinion there are enough windmills still out there that you don’t need to settle for a lemon, but if it is a screaming good deal (free?) then you could take it on. Most parts are available from numerous after market suppliers, and also heidelberg, i believe. parts are not cheap though, so if you have enough missing/bad parts on the press, your costs will add up super fast.
A lot of stuff can be replaced yourself, but you want an experienced set of hands for many areas (your missing gripper arm comes to mind).
A full restoration on a windmill just seems to me like more hassle then its worth, unless you are a mechanic wiht loads of time and perts lying around.
For that extra 2-3 grand you may find one that is already printing beautifully.
good luck :)

Parts can be obtained from Whttenburg Inc. Springfield TN
615-212-0015 Tell ‘em bob sent you.

To be completely honest, part of the reason I want a windmill is not because of its printing ability (that is a major reason), but because it is such a beautiful machine. There is literally nothing like it that a consumer could potentially own. Given my background I understand the level of skill that the engineers at Heidleberg possessed, and I would love to have a machine that I wouldn’t feel guilty about tinkering with.

The price is definitely too good to pass up ($25! I think they just want to get it out of their way). If I had a garage to put it in I would already have bought it, but it is likely that I’ll have to rent a storage unit to store it (and to work on it) until I have a location to keep it.

Thanks, Bob!

For $25, you should buy it and part it out. Or you could find another distressed Windmill and make a Franken-Tiegel.

Like riseandshine said, buy it and part it out. You can see how it all works as you disassemble it. Give up on “fixing” it, just stay on the lookout for a good complete press. You probably don’t want to hear this but we are trying to save you time, money, and anguish.

You can very quickly end up paying double for your press if it has several broken parts, ask me how I know (thankfully not our main production press though).

I’ve decided against buying it, and from what I’m told there is another buyer on the line. The primary reason that I’m not buying it is the lack of storage space, I’m a renter (still a grad student), I don’t have a garage, and I live on the second floor. Without a semi-permanent place to keep it, and without the guarantee of being able to repair it, it was not worthwhile.

Upon viewing the pictures it appeared to be in pretty rough condition with quite a bit of rust covering all the usually polished parts (namely the ink distribution).

I’m pretty sad about it, it would have been really fun to work on, even if it was just to part it out.

You dodged a bullet. Plenty of decent machines out there, so keep your eyes out. I know $25 seems hard to pass up, but I think you made the right call.