Bearing problems

I Have a 1962 Chandler and Price 14x22” foil stamper and embossing automatic press. I have a problem where the fly wheel on the clutch side is wobbling and the press won’t move. If it is a bearing, can I just get one anywhere? Also does anyone happen to have one the same for sale?

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you could have several problems here. the flywheel wobbling “a little” shouldn’t be a problem, older wheels and shaft will do this. the “gib” key in the wheel should take up the slack. if it is “alot” then it could hitting the brake pedal. having the wheel bored out with a new bushing welded in might be best. prob have to resurface the shaft also. keyways would have to be recut. the press not turning over could be from a crankshaft bearing, this bearing should be available from any good bearing distributor. you will need to know the specs. inside diameter,outside dia, etc. best to just remove it and take it in when ordering.
but it also could be a much larger issue such as main shaft, stuck roller, side arm bushing is stuck. hard to say without looking at it up close. if you sent the bearing sizes i could reference it to a current available bearing and aquire one for you. maybe some close up pics would help, with some estimate of how much “wobble” you are experiencing