Parts to ID

Hello, I recently purchased a Kelsey 5 x 8. It came with some parts which I can not identify.
Any help would be great.
A big advance thank you to any one who replies and to all of you reply on a regular basis – it is so helpful!

image: parts.jpg


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The two pieces in the upper left corner that say Kelsey on them are traditional quoins that are used to lock up your form in the chase. I can’t tell what the other pieces are.

Thanks- the two pieces in the foreground have a spring running down the center. I might try to get a better picture and repost. thanks again.

The spring-loaded pieces may be page frames. They are used around a page of type the same way tie-up string is, but they can be locked up in a form. For a rectangular page you’d have two long pieces on the sides and two shorter pieces at head and foot.
To the left there is a corner quad, used with mitered rule corners.

The two pieces in the front look like two parts of a set of four metal pieces that allows you to tie up a without using string. Two pieces on the side, one at the top, one at the bottom, hinging together. They were meant to replace the traditional string. I’m sorry but I don’t know the exact English/American term, but have used them myself long time ago in a printshop of a friend of mine. Some kind of aluminium alloy.