Recovered rollers now dont fit my trucks??

Just wondering if anyone has any idea how to shave down roller cores. I just brought my rollers in to be recovered and I got them back and now my trucks dont fit on the cores.. (not even close) I measured the core and its 0.025in bigger than the set i already have here (and didnt send to be recovered).

How do I go about shaving them down to the correct size to fit my trucks (somewhere around 0.55in)?

I’m pressing on a westmann baker 10 x 15 platten press btw if it matters.. thanks!

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That’s not going to be a question of ‘shaving’ the cores off. Before sending the cores away to be recovered, you should have checked that cores and runners fitted together. You might find somebody with a lath, we can machine them down to the right diameter for you.

And before you do any thing else, you should determine which of your two sets of rollers actually fit in the roller saddles. What if the larger cores fit, and the trucks are wrong?

Are you sure that you received your cores back, or did they just take them in exchange for something they had in stock. I would be asking some questions of the roller seller just to be clear about what happened while they had the rollers.

I’m going to call the place I got the rollers recovered as the cores do look awfully shiny compared to what they used to look like..

I dont know how I feel about them doing the switcheroo on me.. those cores are worth some money the last I heard..

Lets see what the roller place says :)