Help! I got my Kelsey 6x10 rollers but they don’t glide/fit


Can anyone help with this? I have a Kelsey 6x10 Model X and after 3 months of waiting, i’ve finally got the rollers and trucks. With the Model X, I have a roller arm with two slots for the two roller ends. The problem is, the roller trucks don’t roll on the guards but instead kind of pull off track to the sides. Am i missing something obvious? Thanks for any help. I really appreciate this resource! Whew.


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I also have a Kelsey 6x10 model X and it’s working fine. I can’t picture what your problem might be. Can you post a pic?


I, too, can’t quite picture the problem you describe. My first suggestion, off the cuff, would be to check the position and tension of the saddles that hold the rollers on and make sure the chase bed is seated firmly in the press. Let us know how it works out!


You may be able to head to the hardware store and purchase large nylon or steel washers which would fit over the roller shaft. but of an outside diameter less than the rollers, which could be added inside or outside of the trucks to ensure the trucks would properly engage the support tracks on the press. The advantage of the nylon (if available) would be quieter operation than steel.

A recent discusssion suggested fixing the trucks on the roller shafts by inserting string on the shaft and pressing the trucks over it to help keep them from turning and to keep them in the proper position.

Thanks folks! I’ll try to post a pic when I can get home. Sorry I was confusing in my description. Jhenry seemed to be closest in that it seems like my trucks are NOT positioned (once they lock into the roller shafts)…they are not positioned wide enough to roll on the rails. They come in just a bit too narrowly and thus sort of fumble off to the side and off track if I try to operate the press.

If your trucks are “keyed” to the roller shaft so they turn with the roller instead of just free-wheeling on the shaft, you may be able to turn one of the trucks on each roller around so the slot in the truck doesn’t engage the key, that will force the two trucks apart a bit, and might make the trucks line up better.

Thanks everyone…i went to the hardware store and got some of those nylon washers which filled the space and kept the rollers from sliding. THANKS!!!