printing rule

I’m about to print rule for the first time, and I was hoping to pick up any tips from more experienced printers.
Mainly I’m worried about my rollers. Is printing rule bad for them? Will it cut them?
My rule is foundry and monotype, and I was going to print it with a couple lines of type interspersed throughout. Is that okay or should I print the type separately?
I’m printing on a Pearl Improved 11, and the form will be about 8x5. For this to work, I’d have to have the rule parallel to the rollers - is that okay? Or does the rule need to run perpendicular to the rollers?
Also does my packing need to be any different than normal?
I’ve read what General Printing had do say about the process, but it wasn’t much, so any extra insight would be much appreciated.

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Foundry and monotype rule shouldn’t damage your rollers, just be sure that the rule is well seated and won’t ride up while you are printing. Composition rollers are easily damaged by sharp rule, but other kinds should be more resistant. It shouldn’t matter the direction of the rule in your form. I have seen long straight rule skim ink off of rollers, but if you watch for build-up and clean the rule if it does it should work. I have had a bias chase which sets the whole form at an angle so that long rule will not drain the ink from the rollers, but setting your form at an angle I think would be a last resort. Double check height and you should be good to go.


If your rollers are low, the sharp corner on the ends of the rule may well damage the rollers if the rule is perpendicular to the rollers. Type high roller bearers can help here. If rule parallel to the rollers is skimming ink off the rollers you probably have a roller height problem that needs to be addressed. Either with roller bearers or by building up your rails. Over size rollers can also a possible cause.