Heidelberg Windmill feed raising pawl

I am having trouble with the feed table rasing as it used to, has anyone tried to “sharpen” the pawl rather than buying a repacement? Is there an aftermarket version thast will work raather than buying from Heidelberg? Also any suggestions of what else it might be?

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I believe there is one on eBay at the moment:


As a matter of course, I connect a fairly heavy rubber band on the nut holding the eyelet of the rod on the pawl to the bottom bolt on the adjusting arc below to keep the pawl from skipping on the gear. The big Heidelberg has a disc weight at that point which I assume serves the same purpose.

Hope this helps, Brian

the rubber band works great, had one for years on my press, i run full time every day with the rubber band, but start looking for someone with a parts press. had a friend in maine that swore by sharpening the pawl, there is a place in leominister, massachusetts that repairs windmills, they might have used parts, graphic repairs. good luck dick g.

There are non-Heidelberg replacement parts, such as those from Printer’s Parts Store of Arizona and others. They are not generally considered as good as original Heidlberg parts, but they are cheaper.

it could be the adjustment of the rod that is attached to it, or the adjustment nut is loose. I doubt if it needs replacing.