Press Identification help requested

What type of press do I have, please? This press looks almost like a Golding Official No. 4. However, I cannot find “Golding” nor “Official” anywhere on the press as appears in an early 1900s Golding manual online. Did Golding leave that information off of its presses? There are cast number-letter markings on the press: “25 G” is under the ink plate, “25 D” is on the lever handle, “25 I” is on the platen backside, and a “25 B,” “25 E” and “25 F” on other parts. I have the chase. It is 9”x6.” Thanks for a helpful and informative Web site!

image: Press Front.JPG

Press Front.JPG

image: Press back.JPG

Press back.JPG

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Looks like you might have an early “round base” Sigwalt. Later models have a square base.

Looks like you may have any early “round base” Sigwalt. Later models have a square base.

Yes, it is a Sigwalt as John has mentioned. It was called a “Nonpareil” and came in 5 sizes. This one was a No. 25. It was a knockoff of the Golding Official.

John Horn and platenpress - Thank you for a fast and helpful response. Sincerely, John

Looking for info on a little table model poster press manufactured by The Signpress Co. in Adrian Michigan. It has a magnetic bed and a combination of wood and metal type, enough to lay up a poster about 10”18”. I want to print some text using the smaller type but need a lot more type. Know anything about this little “hobby” press??