Feeding napkins on Kluge series “D”—-what’s the trick?

Somebody somewhere at sometime wrote to say that Kluge feeders would handle paper napkins, so—-after receiving notice from a client prospect about a long-run napkin job, I decided to “experiment” on my Kluge series D platen.

I did manage to feed and deliver a 6-1/2” x 6-1/2” paper napkin, but can’t seem to work things so that the vacuum valve will drop and throw the press on impression.

I’m guessing that the paper napkin is so porous that the vacuum from the pick-up suckers just breezes right through.

What’s the trick? Or, do I just handle this by pulling the manual on/off impression button—-

Dave Lasko

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i have run napkins on a windmill by opening up all the suckers and backing off the trip, so the press will print even when it doesn’t pick up a sheet, so you have to stand there and throw the impression lever by hand. also they make 2-ply and 4-ply napkins, the two ply almost never want to run, but the 4-ply work much better. hope this helps. good luck dick g.

Are you using really large suction cups on the vacuum feet? I have had success that way. I have only run short quantities (under 500). It demands constant attention due to risk of doubles and misfeeds.


Thanks for the advice; I’ll look for more ‘substantial’ napkin stock, and see what difference it makes.

Dear Sharecropper:

Thank-you for your advice regarding the suction tips, I used the regular aluminum tips—-the general paper-feeding tips. I’ll try the largest bell-shaped rubber suckers that I’ve got, to see if it moves the vacuum valve


Dave Lasko

napkins on a kluge with the feeder are just like redheads…. a Very “hands-on” situation. it will work but DO NOT turn your back. you are correct in the “always on” impression. napkins tend to be just too light to turn impression valve. high maintenance, but rewarding if you get good at it…