Reprex No. 1 - can’t get the roller handle off!?

I need to get the rollers for a Reprex proof press recovered, but can’t get one of the rollers off the press. The shaft of the form roller (the one with the gearing) is attached to a crank handle on the operator side of the press (for reinking). I removed the allen screw set pin on the side of the handle and the handle now rotates freely on the shaft, but WILL NOT come off. I’ve been using a pry bar and mallet and still it will not budge even a little. Am I missing something? Is it possible that there is an allen screw on the end that has been striped out? If anyone has any tips, I’d really appreciate it. Maybe I just need to step away, eat something, and come back later. Sometimes that works better than WD-40…

image: reprex_1p1.jpg


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This might require some gentle work with a gear puller.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

image: 3561.jpg

Yes. Thank you, Daniel.

make sure there are not 2 set crews.

Would you be able to send me a couple of pictures of the Reprex? My father was the designer. Margaret Nolan