Briar Press

Briar Press

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Ahh Briar Press, how often this name is not spoken among us Pressman of this Webbed Site. How we cannot sing the praises of the information and misinformation delivered through these hallowed 0’s and 1’s presented to us in a human language in which we can understand.
Through mere delightful exhilaration do I humbly bow down to this greatest of all letterpress discussion forums throughout the interweb and sing the praises to highest of the molten lead gods on high…BRIAR PRESS!

I like to sing it as a hymn:

“Oh Briar Press….oh Briar Press….
thy picas so uplifting”

Yeah, and they too print! using 1910s technology. How rare is that.

There was a young fellow named Bart
Who wanted to learn the Black Art.
He went to Briar Press,
And to his distress,
Could utter no more than a start.

One of my favorite stories as a wee child was, “Song of the South, the Uncle Remus Tales”. Two of the main characters were Brer Fox and Brer Bear. My favorite quote from Brer Rabbit. “Please, please Brer Fox, whatever you do, don’t throw me in the Brier Patch. Do you suppose he meant to say Briar Press?