Pantone colour for duck egg blue

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If you go to Google images and then punch in duck egg blue, you will get a lot of duck egg blue samples. And, not surprisingly, they are not all the same. There is a duck egg green mug that says it is 337C. Are duck egg blue and duck egg green the same…………. Even if someone were to say here that PMS (something) is duck egg blue, is that what your customer has in mind……….

If I were you, I would ask the customer to bring in some kind of a color sample for you to match. Or, let the customer pick out their idea of duck egg blue from your PMS book. Then, make a small batch of the color and a proof or test print, and ask the customer to OK it before running the job.

Take it from a retired printer who did many, many color matches, this kind of request can be a minefield.

They usually look at me funny, but when a customer has a color in mind and doesn’t have a swatch i send them to Home Depot or Lowes to the paint department to find it (or 2 that are close and I can find a middle ground). The great thing is that it works for local and non-local customers.

IronFire —— it is for reasons just like this that I don’t deal with the general public, or outside designers… especially outside designers. I’ve had far too many of them in the past get all bent out of shape due to minute color variations, or vague “I want Robin Egg Blue” statements. I actually had a customer reject my black text color because it was “too cold and harsh”. If that particular goober had wanted a warm color, she should have specified something other than “black”. Life is too short to deal with folks like that. The average person cannot detect a 2% variation in color anyway.

The truth is that “Robin Egg Blue” has absolutely no technical meaning at all….. your Robin Egg Blue is probably far different than Gerald’s, or mine, or JHenry’s. More importantly, it is almost assuredly different than your designer’s, since only they can see what’s in their mind’s eye….. unless you are the Amazing Kreskin, in which case you could just mix up some ink by looking through their eyes at a Robin Egg.

I just avoid all of the above by having my own designer. She and I just sit down, match up ink colors by eye, and go for it. It’s a LOT easier than dealing with the General Public, pantone books, or nit-picky customers.

If you don’t have a source for a pantone book, you can get them from sign supply companies, they usually carry several different types.