Printing on vinyl?

Has anybody ever tried to print bumper stickers on a windmill? What type of vinyl stock and ink did you use, and was uv resistance an issue?

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Generally, vinyl is printed with a solvent based ink, so it “bites” into the vinyl.
I am not aware of any solvent based letterpress ink.

If it’s a short run, talk to a local sign shop.
If it’s a large run, then Stouse is online.

Van Son “Tough Tex” inks will cure on Vinyl bumper-sticker stock just fine. I have used this for printing on several plastic surfaces with success.

The Inks are quite resistant to UV, in the page I have linked below, they rate the various colors as to lightfastness. The higher the number, the more resistant:

Great! Thanks for the info! One more question, can you recommend a supplier for bumper sicker stock? Thanks again!

Oracal makes great vinyl for different applications. Go onto their site to find which product would suit your application and I believe there is alist of their vendors.

Good luck.

Hello 1021 Design,

Was your letterpress bumber sticker printing project a success? We are looking into printing bumper stickers for a project, and i found your post. Did you have a good experience with “Tough Text” ink and with for the sticker stock? Or, did you come up with anything you liked better?


In the have the creme de la creme of vinyl suppliers ,3M manufacturing , (Formerly the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing company .