Miller & Richard Columbian

We have an old Miller & Richard Columbian press (At least thats what I think it is). Can someone help me trace its history and when these models were made.

Does anyone have an idea how much these are worth in the market.



image: machine.jpg

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Does the tag have a number on it, or is there a stamped or engraved number on the press? That would probably be a serial number. Miller & Richard flourished in Edinburgh between about 1809 and 1952 as typefounders and could well have also made Columbian presses, or may have put their name on someone else’s product. It’s possible that the St. Bride Library in London has more information.

Where is the press located? If in North America I would like to add it to my North American Hand Press Database. You can contact me through Briar Press.


Hi There,
Your press value depends greatly upon where it is located, how easy it is to move and ship. Also whether the buyer is prepared to foot these costs.
The press is a later machine c.1870-90, the badge is cast rather than hand engraved.
Still it has a value and is easily saleable.