English Hand Driven/Mechanical Press…


I’m hoping someone on here might be able to help, I’m just trying to work out what this press is, the label has warn off and there arn’t many other marking. Also if anyone knows how to adjust the impression strength that would be great.


image: IMG_2568.jpg


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It is probably a Western.
From Vanderblog (see the Other Brands page):
“Western Manufacturing (had a manufacturing agreement with Vandercook to produce presses. A unit of Western became known as Pre-Press Ltd.). “The ‘30’ refers to the width of the bed: 30 ins. There are certainly narrower ones. It was made by Adwest Engineering Ltd in Reading, England. It was sold (possibly not exclusively) by Soldans. I’ve no idea when it was made but 1960s would be a good bet looking at the Soldans advert pasted in the manual….” (Martyn Ould)”

Two ways to adjust the “impression strength” — add packing on the cylinder if it’s under-packed, and add height to the type forme if it’s low — perhaps this is a press made for galley proofing and would require a bed plate to bring it up to type height.


Thanks, great to finally find out what it is.