hello, my name is Ana and i’m from Mexico,
I recently got a Kluge 10x15 as a gift from my family, and I just have the basic knowledge about letterpress , because here in Mexico there’s not much information about digital letterpress, also here there are no workshops or courses I can take.
I really want to start my own shop in the future (because right now I’m pretty much lost haha :P ) and thanks to this forum I knew about Boxcar press but I don’t know if it suits me because of the shipping costs and everything.

I hope you could tell me if I can use a stamp maker as a photopolymer platemaker because here it is very expensive for me right now to buy one. I know this guy who is able to build me one homemade ( he can build me a 5 lamps maker or a 10 lamp maker) , what specifications should it have to process photopolymer plates (preferibly the ones at boxcarpress) because also I investigated flexo but I’m not sure about that, also this is very hard to explain here because as I said, thereĀ“s no info about this here, it’s totally new.

I really hope you can help me out.

Or maybe someone can help me and know a person here in Mexico ( I live in Monterrey, Mexico) that processes this type of plates.

Thanks for you help :)

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ana you should contact Jose Sanchez at Etequetta in Monterrey he makes his own plates. and knows about letterpress, tell him i have reccomended you Good Luck David Berrington Press, Herefod England


There is also solar plates, which may be cheaper to make yourself:

Hope this helps, and best wishes with starting your new shop.

You may also want to join the LetPress mailing list (LETPRESS@LISTSERV.UNB.CA)

try with zinc plates! they offer the most beautiful effect , and they are a very affordable way for letterpress in Mexico !
visit ( with a triple “S” ) for further tips and for some examples on how zinc engraving looks amazing on our jobs!