Print and score at the same time?

Anyone who prints front and back on the same sheet then folds and glues: Do you print a line rule along the fold? Is the printed impression enough to accurately fold a sheet of lettra? To use printing time efficiently and maintain front and back register is this a good idea?


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You’ll print the rule which shouldn’t be printed unless its part of your design.

lettra don’t score easily, you will need natrix to get a good score.

I think someone recommended to me, for doing a blind emboss and not show up on the back side to use perf rule, you would need to do it in two runs for sure, you can’t perf with the rollers on the press.
But you could print the guides where the perf will go and then perf your paper that would make it easier to fold and glue.

Again, it’s not my own idea, but I think it was Peter who recommended it, that job is still not decided on so I haven’t gotten around to try it, but sounds like a great idea to me.

here’s the details:
Printing on a proof press with polymer. I was hoping to print a 4” round coaster 2 up (1 is the front 2nd is the back) with a line rule (in the polymer) right in the middle of the 2 circles. Maybe just a 2pt line that would encourage the fold in the right place? This is a relatively small run and am folding by hand after printing then die cutting.

If you need to print with ink and you want to incorporate a line rule to score afterwards, aren’t they all on the same height, that means your Form rollers would ink up all and you would actually print your Line rule instead of just blind scoring with it, hence - usually scoring is always a separate print run. IF you do the whole job without any ink, than you can play this way.