opening the hoarders lair

found some presses and parts in my late step-dad’s basement…

identification, value, offers? any help is appreciated before these become scrap for the junkman


image: DSC_0527-1.jpg


image: DSC_0524-1.jpg


image: DSC_0525-1.jpg


image: DSC_0533-1.jpg


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Tell us what city the equipment is in. The photos are pretty rough. Maybe one of us “experts” can come over and properly identify what’s there.

The first (and last) photos look like some sort of sheet feed mechanism, but doesn’t look like a folder—maybe a score/crease/perforate machine.

The second photo looks like a platen press, if you remove that offset printing plate, there should be an ink disk under there. Most likely either a large tabletop or small floor press.

The third picture is of typecases, but can’t tell if there’s a proper cabinet. If there is type in good condition in the cases, then something useful, but as John Horn indicates, it would be helpful to have somebody come over and look through the materials to give you a better idea of what you have.

Thanks for the input… the machines are in ypsilanti michigan — anyone near there? ann arbor?

the cabinet is a fulll wooden cabinet of typeface letters it’s about 4feet by 4 feet with lots of drawers : I found two more pictures of this typeface cabinet…. hope they help,

thanks everyone!

image: DSC_0502-1.jpg


image: DSC_0501-1.jpg


There are a number of printers in the Ann Arbor area. I’m in East Lansing, if you can’t find one of the locals.