Question about cracking rollers.

I run a 10x15 hand fed Kluge. My problem is is that the set of rollers that hit my artwork (there are two sets of two rollers, the top set only spread ink on the ink plate) start to get scratched and eventually crack, with the scratches/cuts producing lines on my printing. I take these rollers off periodically to die cut things, but store them safely where they arent hitting anything. My only thought that it could be is a nick somewhere on the ink disc, as the ink disc rotates and the scratches/cuts end up on the whole length of the rollers, but this doesn’t happen to the set of rollers on top, which also hit all points of the ink disc. Anyway, any ideas will be appreciated! As this is the 2nd time this has happened, I’d hate to buy rollers again only for it to happen in another couple months. Thanks!!

image: IMG00655-20100517-1339.jpg


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Do you have an oscillating distributor running on those rollers? The marks can not have been made by rules or other stationary objects unless the objects were diagonal to the rollers. And an oscillator would have to have been skidding to have cut the rollers like that, I would think.


i like Bob’s reply, also could you be scratching the rollers when you wash up the press, i would try some glaze remover on the rollers . it looks like there could be some dried ink on the rollers but its hard to tell from the picture, glaze remover will clean and ink from the rollers and might bring the rollers back, its cheaper than new rollers . good luck Dick G.

The only other thing that I think could make a diagonal mark running in both directions on the roller face is an oscillating roller. If an oscillator runs against these then I would check the head of the bolt that holds in the crescent gear. Could it be that a slipped screwdriver has created a burr?

In other words- What Bob said!

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