Help me identify some type!

I’m trying to identify all 14 of these… I’m pretty sure I know what a few are…

2. Park Avenue
3. Caslon Old Face (or possibly Baskerville?)
8. Bernhard Fashion
9. Engraver’s Old English
12. Engraver’s Old English
14. Goudy Handtooled

(and yes I do realize I forgot the “the” in number 4.)

image: typeface samples small.jpg

typeface samples small.jpg

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okay… I realize that image is really small.

You can find it larger at my blog:

#6 looks like Crayonette. Does it have a pinmark?

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Some of your other missing identifications are:
1. Bookman Italic
5. Goudy Modern
6. Crayonette
7. Touraine Old Style Italic (A nineteenth century face)
11. Stylescript
13. Typo Script

I’m not that up on italic faces so I’ll defer on 4. and 10.


Yes, #1 is Bookman Italic. #10 looks to be Caslon Italic.

Are 9 and 12 the same face, just different sizes?

Thank you guys!

jonsel- yes, just different sizes. one is 18 the other is 14, there was also a few 24 point throughout the trays as well.

The Arm NYC- I’ll have to check when I am back in the shop. I didn’t see any, but I could be wrong.

In reference to the Crayonette. Along with the original foundry casting, there have been a few revival castings over the years done on Monotype and Thompson casters. The revival castings would not have a pinmark.