Wood type pricing

I noticed a new ad today in the Classified section selling some wood type for $120 per letter. $10/inch?! Has the price of wood type gone haywire? This seems unreasonably expensive. I don’t think this would sell even on eBay.

It’s probably bad form here to knock another member’s post/ad, but I was just horrified and had to vent.

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Well—people can ask whatever they want; whether it goes for that price, or anything close to it, is another thing.

What I have heard is that wood type prices are going through the roof because a lot of interior designers and stores are buying them for display purposes. I wish that wasn’t the case because wood type is so fun to print with!

LOL….. somebody has a got a terribly inflated idea of what thay type is worth! But hey…. if somebody is willing to pay that kind of price for it, then more power to ‘em!

Actually, I wish the prices WERE that high, since I’ve got a ton of type-high maple and the equipment to carve them out! At $120 per letter, I could turn a very handy profit indeed!

Don’t forget the perforator that I could have sworn was $200 on craigslist a week ago. But hey, I would definitely love to have one, so more power to them if they can sell it.

Vroom -

If you are looking for a perforator, my friend Jim at The Garfield Messenger in Bergen County, NJ has one he wanted to give me. But I have no room for it.

But he’s clearing out the building and it may be gone.

Contact me offline and I’ll give you his phone #

- or see http://www.excelsiorpress.org/available/GarfieldMessenger/index.html

- Alan