Spinks inks

Has anyone used Spinks new rubber-based inks? They are so much less expensive than Van Son (~$4 less for a 1lb can) and I wonder if they’re just as good.

Thank you!

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I have tried Spinks Envirotech, and I liked it very much. It has a long open time on press, and doesn’t skin in the can.

Isn’t that a line from Dr Suess’s One Fish Two Fish book? It goes something like….

…. there once was a Spink who liked to think… and drink pink ink…..

It’s a classic.

Their site was working just the other day, but now the domain name seems to have expired or something.


I use Dotster for domain registration, and they pummel me with domain expiration notices months before the actual deadline.

There’s no excuse!

I just called them two weeks ago and they seemed to be quite in business at the time.

So I noticed that Spinks has an ink called acrylic which is for small presses. Is that the one to use for letterpress? I have composition rollers and can’t use water to clean up.

Its not too easy to find on their website (which is down now), but they do offer rubber-based inks. From reading around here, those seem to be the ones most people use as an alternative to the Van Son rubber based inks. I am just wondering whether anyone has actually used the inks, since they are so much cheaper.

In fact, you can get them from Patten Graphics at $15.99 for a 1 lb can here:

I use the Spinks rubber base ink and have no problems with it whatsoever.